"Electroplating On ABS Plastic"


This is the simplest way to illustrate our nature of business, but it is not as simple as it seems to be.

We started our activity of electroplating, initially on metals, in the year 1986. It was Zinc plating on hardware. After achieving the highest quality standards, we started Nickel Plating on Ball pen Clips. In the field of plating on pen clips we are No. 1 electroplater for more than a decade.

After achieving this success we further moved to a very complicated process of plating non metals. That is plating on ABS plastic.

We are doing this plating on plastic since 10 years.

The plating on plastic demands “Spot less” finish, as it can be achieved very easily on metals.

We now assure our clients that “ we can give a Spotless, tarnish free, long life “ finish to their ABS molded components.

We can effectively plate Glass , Marble Stone etc.